Tristan Plot's personal and professional background :


             Fascinated with birds since childhood and after a lot of observing and reading, I chose to specialize in Environmental Science. I have therefore received an academic education in the fields of Biology, Ethology and Environment, supplemented with my own research and observations.


                   I began to work with birds (in semi-captivity) as a professional in 1999 when I started to work for Montrichard 's volerie (41) and then for « Les géants du ciel » in Chauvigny (86).I have learned to master all technical aspect on how to present shows, but also all things that are related to birds'reproduction, breeding and training. I have taken care of White Storks, all sorts of birds of prey, Seagulls, Marabous, Egrets, Jabirus, Kookaburras, Cormorants, Cariamas, passerines and many exotic birds. Thanks to the varied training methods, I have come to understand the ways of communication between humans and birds.


                   In 2004, Le Guetteur's Company hired me as the manager and founder of its animal department for the project « La confidence des oiseaux ». Working for this contemporary dance company allowed me to deepen my knowledge about Man and Bird's relationship. Therefore, I was able to enhance a significant bonding between the birds and the dance performers.


                   The performance did not aim at raising the audience's awareness of birds through an educational approach but instead, through emotional reactions instilled by the artistic creation. The birds were not presented as « tools » or accessories, they were presented as complex and sensitive beings, working in full partnership with the dancers.


                   Then, I became holder of the Certificate of Professional Competence in bird itinerant performance.


                   And later, to better understand the sensations felt by birds, I decided to take my paramotoring licence (motorized hand glider). At last, I was able to fly and it became obvious to me that I should fly with them... After one year of training, my dream finally came true !


                   It is on the strengh of my experience that I decided to start my own enterprise « a vol d'oiseau/ As the crow flies » beginning of 2013.


                   Now, being specialized in Bird training for atypical projects, I can utilize my skills in the fields of film production, shows, first flight with birds, educational activities and awareness workshops for people with disabilities.




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