« As the crow flies » offers its services to help you put on shows in which birds are involved.





« La confidence des oiseaux », Le Guetteur 's Company, contemporary dance.



                 This show was created in 2004 and made possible thanks to new and innovating positive training techniques.

                 There were a few outdoor performances but most of all, a long 8 year tour in many theaters in France and abroad. The tour ended in September 2012 at the Biennale in Lyon after 160 shows and a great human and animal adventure !

                 Performance involving 4 dancers, 1 musician and 25 birds (magpies, jays, crows, starlings, cockatiels, crimson rosellas, ring-necked parakeets).












"Swan", Le Guetteur's Company, contemporary dance.






I was in charge of bird care and training during the realization of the project (2 years). White and black swans.







Collaboration with the star ballerina, Marie-Agnès Gillot.


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