Bird -assisted therapy concept





            Zootherapy uses a set of practises which aim at establishing a relationship between live animals and people who are experiencing suffering conditions or disabilities. A connection is established to varying degrees, from co-presence only or verbal contact only to extended physical contacts . Likewise, this connecting can serve varying purposes : improve health care establishments' environment, be part of recreational activities or fully participate into patient therapeutic programmes.All these practises are implemented by people who strongly believe that animals can really make a difference to suffering persons.


       In this context,we provide professional services consisting in interacting preferably with one individual or small groups, assisted by one or several birds. Our birds are trained by a bird behaviour specialist and they are specifically chosen to achieve your defined objectives. These sessions are intended to trigger reactions from the patients, therefore help them to maintain or improve their cognitive, physical, psychosocial or emotional potentials.


           Our professional is not a therapist but his scientific education, his sensitivity, his appreciation of problems experienced by patients, his professional experience and his listening ability will make him an additional asset to your treatment team.




Assisting birds




               Our birds have been raised with a positive training approach(no pressure) during several years. Therefore they have respect for humans and they land on people whenever they are asked to do so.


       Their health, behaviour as well as their administrative situations are thoroughly monitored. So, our interventions are always conducted within all the required safety rules.



Scheduled species :


-Starlings : Small size,vivacious, curious. Fascinating song.They can be bathed.


- Crows, Magpies and Jays (corvid family) : facetious spirit, playful, capable of some discernment.


- Large Parakeets : exotic beauty, very sociable.


- Other species are planned for 2014.



           Those birds have been imprinted from an early age and for some of them, starting from birth.


              They are all prepared to voluntarily address many types of situations thanks to our training techniques.





 The sessions


        There are many ways of interacting with our birds. First, we will define specific objectives for each session. We will choose a specie, determine intervention time and number of participants.

         A session will begin by building trust between the birds and the patients. Then the birds will spontanuously come to contact (under supervision) , land on the person's hand for example.


Equipment : simply, a room (safe for birds) in the host establishment. Outdoor sessions can be planned.



Possible session targets :

  •  Build self-trust.

  •  Cognitive stimulation.

  • Sensory stimulation.

  •  Build self- worth and creativity through the experience with birds and possible artistic creation.

  •  facilitate interaction among patients through the presence of birds.

  •  Work on motor ability.





Complete file and prices on request ( French professionals only : please indicate your establishment contact information).


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