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               « As the Crow flies » specializes in raising and teaching birds as well as studying their behaviour. Using our skills and « kow-how », we also organize professional bird raiser training sessions.

                 We provide bird training and staging for performing arts such as filmmaking, photography,event projects...



- New concept : Bird-assisted therapy.

              It aims at provoking the arousal of deep relational bonding between people and birds with the help of professional therapists.

              The objective is to enhance new sensations by establishing contact between our birds and disabled persons ( all type of disability), elderly people,convicts...

              This project started to germinate in 2007 during an artist residency at the 3BIS F, a contemporary Arts Center within the Montperrin Psychiatric hospital in Aix-en-Provence. Deeply moved by this experience and after years of incubation, we are now in the process of hatching !

- Paramotoring with our crows.

- First flight with our gracious white storks and black kite (coming soon).


- Educational activities.


- Consulting.





              We are open to new ideas and projects, do not hesitate to contact us !







Starling educated by "A vol d'oiseau / asthe crow flies".




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